Ldap domain needed to connect to server



I have to instances of Owncloud. Both connect to the same AD-server. One of them needs the LDAP-Domain when connecting to the server (foobar\obermayr). The other one works without the domain (obermayr).
I looked in the LDAP-configuration and in the Owncloud-directory and in /etc/ without finding any hint.
Both configs do work. I just try to understand the difference. Any hints?


Could you specify your problem?

Your description is very general. This makes it difficult to understand what your issue is.

From what you already wrote I suspect this is a DNS issue. IF both domain names, what you enter in the ownCloud LDAP app to connect to the AD, are pointing to the same IP, then the behavior is understandable.


This is about LDAP-Domains. I am talking about the user-name (DN) to connect to the server; not about the server-name.
I know there is a feature named “search domain” in LDAP, but I can not find the location where it is configured.


Okay, this is a different topic, this is not the domain, this is the bind DN.

What user are you using to connect to the AD?


Normal standard users that e.g. also could connect as users of owncloud.
And then the DN works without the “domain” in both cases.


what do you mean by domain?

Can you upload screenshots?


the “foobar.org” is needed on the one server and is not needed on the other



This is a different authentication mechanism against your AD. I think you can either use username or email/userprincipalname or dn.

You also can/should use the cn=obermayr,dc=foobar,dc=org.

I think it does not matter how you write the credentials as long as it works. I always use the one above.


As it seems now it is subtle difference between the LDAP-accounts. I will investigate further and post the results here.