LDAP Groups and Shared folder

Hi all,
a German newbie here.

I want to establish a owncloud server with LDAP authentification in a small company.
This works fine now.
However I want to manage access and shared folders via LDAP and group shares.
I don't want every user to have its own folder... I want to use a common folder for every group.

I added two groups in our active directory and added the users there. The groups are listed in owncloud with the right users in it.
If the user "ARU" from (ldap)group "Cloud-AV" shares a folder with his group, it won't appear.
If the user "administrator" (owncloud-user) shares a folder with the same group it won't appear.
If I repeat the whole procedure with local groups it is working.

I know I can use the "skeleton" to make a new folder for every new user, but this is not what I want.

What did I miss? Can somebody please help?

Hi @waytodawn. I have the same configuration than you (owncloud using ldap with users and groups), and it works fine for me.
When a user shares a folder to his own group, all others members of the group has the shared folder..
When you share the folder, you write the name of the group yourself, or leaves that owncloud complete the name? If owncloud didn't complete the name, he didn't recognize the name as a group....

Check in administration/ldap section, in groups, if owncloud find the amount of existent groups, or something is wrong...
In my configuration, I must put all the groups that I want to be accessible by owncloud...


HI Soda,
thank you for your response.

Owncloud recognizes the amount of groups. The users can login and in the "users" section I see the users in their groups.

Owncloud completes the name and I can then activate it.

In admin/sharing all the check you need are checked?

I'm sorry, but I can't help much more, it's working for me in a similar situation....

I think there is all checked.

What bothers me is, that it works with the local groups but not with the LDAP.

I also have the very same issue, and this is utterly annoying, not to say a killer situation.
I would be grateful for any help here.

This is generally working. Sounds really like a LDAP configuration issue with the groups. Can you post the config.report and your LDAP configuartion - please also oC server version.