LDAP Home Connector doesnt work for me

Hello Guys!

We Use a QNAP TS-1279U-RP with the OwncloudX 10.0.10 App.
The QNAP is connected to the Domaincontroller.
The Owncloud is LDAP configured and this works creat.

— on Windows —
The Homedrives are configured like this:
Share: \Server\users$\username
Connectet are they with profile>basedirectory>connect H: with \Server\users$\username

We installed a Testversion of the Enterprice Licence to check the Home Connector App.
Then we found this guide and followed it:

But we cant get this Plugin to create an connection to our Home drives!

Someone here who can help us?


can you explain why you want the home connector app?

You can just mount the home drives via windows network drive app

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Hello, thanks for your reply!

i thought it would be the best way to connect the personal owncloud profiles with the H: Folder of each User. So we want to serve a solution for the users, which connect the network personal Drives (H:) with the Owncloud. Users should be able to upload files with the Browser- or Mobile App and then the would be able to access them on the pc in their home folder.

Are you shure that we can do this with Network drive app?

thanks a lot for help! :slight_smile:

Yes, you just need to configure the share correctly in ownCloud.

The configuration would be that a share is on the server and the share is named exactly like the username. So each user would get his own share on the server. If he saves files via app or browser he later can access those files on his pc.

We have a lot of interesting stuff in our documentation regarding windows network drives at doc.owncloud.com. You should take a look :slight_smile:

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