LDAP Installation

I recently install OWNCLOUD with guidance of this page https://doc.owncloud.com/server/admin_manual/installation/quick_guides/ubuntu_18_04.html , now i want to install LDAP for authentication , i downloaded file from
https://marketplace.owncloud.com/apps/user_ldap that is compressed , after extracted it i didn’t khnow how to install LDAP and did not find any guide page the page is only for configuration

How do i install LDAP Package for owncloude?

Thank you

This is an app, and apps are to be installed directly via the market menu. But I strongly doubt that this alone is helpful for you.

nothing is in my app list about LDAP to enable or install !!! why it is like this ?
and would you tell what else do i need?

Thank you

I cannot. AFAIK you need an external user directory server. And this is not my area of interest.

I don’t get what you mean , i have Active Directory , i just want to know how to add LDAP to owncloud not creating directory server

Thanks for your attention

Then you could go ahead with the docs?

docs just explained about configuration not installation .

As I said above, not my area of interest. Good luck for you!

OK , Thank you very much

You should have a “market” app already enabled. It should appear in the top left menu.
From the “market” app, you can download and install any of the apps showing there. The user_ldap app should be there too.

In Installing and Managing Apps :: ownCloud Documentation you have documentation about how ti manually install the apps, although using the market is recommended.


Thank you very much , i found it

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