LDAP issues: shown name // add to owncloud user groups

Hi there,

i'm using owncloud with about 1000 ldap users and i have some open issues:

1.) SOLVED!!!

In the users overview i have columns
USERNAME, FULL NAME, E-Mail, and so on.

At USERNAME there is's the ad-information shown and not the name:
for example "0AC0F63F-6D4F-40E4-862A-1C62BE52954A"

in LDAP configuration / advanced is set
"User Display Name Field" --> displayname

2.) I've created serveral groups directly in OwnCloud.
Now i want to put all 1000 ldap users in a strictly defined OwnCloud group, i tried a lot but nothing works.

3.) now i've seen that not everyone of my ldap users have an email-adress, how would it be able to modify my ldap request
(&(|(objectclass=user))(|(|(memberof=CN=Domain Users,CN=Users,DC=xxx,DC=xxxxxxxxx,DC=com)(primaryGroupID=513))))
so that only users will be available with a valid mail-adress in the ADS?

Can anybody help, please?

Thank you.

OwnCloud 9.1.3 on Ubuntu

For the SID try the following : in Expert Tab, internal username try sAMAccountName instead of DisplayName. It has worked for me.