LDAP not activating



I am trying to configure LDAP in ownCloud 10 and everything seems to be in working order except for it actually working on the login page.
The app is activated, it is configured properly (shows green box with "Configuration OK" and I can enter an LDAP username into the test field where it says "user found") and I have gone to the advanced tab and checked "configuration active" which as I understand it is supposed to be the final step to make it all work.

But then I log out and attempt to log in (expecting it to work through LDAP authentication) but it doesn't. It's still using the normal ownCloud login.
Am I missing something here? I've done all the steps in the documentation: https://doc.owncloud.org/server/10.0/admin_manual/configuration/user/user_auth_ldap.html


Have you changed anything in the login filter section?

How are you trying to login, with the user name or the email

Have you looked in the owncloud log file for clues?

Is your LDAP server running correctly?

Are you using the Appliance or normal ownCloud?

Are you sure that port 363 is open?