LDAP user authentification question

Hi all
im not new to owncloud but some users noticed me a little problem
I give access to Owncloud with a LDAP group.
The group is named Owncloud_Access
If I put the group “Tech” into the group “Owncloud_Access”, the users in the group “Tech” dont have access
anyone else have the same issue ?
How did you fix it ?


When you go into the LDAP settings, and click on Verify settings and count users in the group menu, does it show you the correct number of users?

Are you using a Microsoft AD as the LDAP backend? What is your Group-Member association in Advanced settings?

Have you set up a user sync cron job for the LDAP backend? (occ user:sync -m disable -r -n "OCA\User_LDAP\User_Proxy")

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