LDAP user delete problem



We're using 9.1.4 (stable).


There was a bug regarding this. I think it was fixed in 9.1.6. You might want to update to 9.1.7 and retry.


I’m having the same problem again with other user, ¿is it fixed?


have you upgraded yet?


Yes, we’re in version 10.0.1 and still having these problems with LDAP users.

The user forgot his password and we removed his user account.

He tried to log in again and owncloud still saying he has problem with the password.


Have you checked if he is not blocked in LDAP?

If you are using AD as the LDAP there is a function that blocks users who typed in their password wrong a few times.


Yes, we’ve checked it.

He is using his user in other tools and he can log in into owncloud but pops up the advice telling he need to put his old password to encrypt the files again, but he doesn’t remember the old password.


Oh, I did not realize you were using encryption. Master key or user key?


It’s encrypted with the user key.


Has the user in question opted in to the recovery key?

If yes - the admin can decrypt his files using this recovery key.

If no - his files can not be recovered.


We don’t need to recover his files, we only need to set the user available again (right now he has a yellow warning advertising the password has change and needs to put the old password).


I have read the whole topic again and noticed that you did not try my suggested approach:

Did you?


Yes, we deleted the user in owncloud and the removed the user UUID in every table. Then we dropped his UUID folder.

The user can log in but the yellow warning message still visible.


Yellow message about his password being wrong?

Hm… The only think I can think of is that somewhere on the storage there are still his encryption keys and they are somehow connected to his UUID from LDAP.

Either than that - I am all out of ideas.



are you really on version 10.0.1 or at 10.0.10 ?


It is version 10.0.1.



10.0.1 is heavily outdated. I think it could make sense to update to the most recent version 10.0.10 or even to the current 10.1.0.