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Upgrade to oC 8.0.x (known issues) (3)

OC 8.0.8 has been released. Most major bugs are fixed, there remain some restraints for Windows and Webhosting-Users. The existing bugs will be fixed in the next major releases. Before Upgrade (from OC 7.0.x): General …

Upgrade to oC 8.1.x (known issues and faq) (3)

Blogpost about upgrading: General changes in this release: Blogpost about…

END of life for OC 7, please upgrade ASAP (3)

Version 7.0.15 is the last release of the OC 7.0-branch, there won't be any updates: You should upgrade to a newer version as soon as possible. Starting with owncloud 8.0, you wi…

ownCloud 8.2.x (known issues, faq and upgrade problems) (3)

Blogpost about upgrading: General changes in this release: Another blogpost how to do a …

Old calendar and contacts App now deprecated / info for reporting issues (3)

For the upcoming release of oC 9.0 the CalDAV and CardDAV backends where merged into ownCloud core like described here: As a result the old apps from oC 8.2 and p…

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