Password protected file download to linux server directly

Steps to reproduce

  1. I received shared link (https:// address/index.php/s/abcabc) and password.
  2. When i access link with password, there are 4 folder and when i copy link address and paste, it was shown like this. https:// address/index.php/s/abcabc/download?path=%folder&files=filname
  3. I typed in my linux command like this. curl -u “abcabc:password” https:// address/%folder/filename/public.php/webdav -o filename

Expected behaviour

file download successfully

Actual behaviour

when i open downloaded file,

404 Not Found

Not Found

The requested URL /path/ was not found on this server.


If i’m understanding Accessing ownCloud Files Using WebDAV correctly i think this should be:

curl -u “sharetoken:sharepassword” https://address/public.php/webdav/%folder/filename -o filename
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