Announcement: ownCloud 10 and PHP Versions

ownCloud will continue to deliver a Docker Container with maintained and secured PHP 7.4 and its application to all our administrators worldwide. Operating system vendors and professional PHP support companies around the globe have announced that they will also continue to maintain PHP 7.4.

The PHP Community has decided to end support for the 7.4 major version as of November 28th 2022. ownCloud has PHP 7.4 as one of its core dependencies. We at ownCloud take the responsibility to always deliver high quality software and continue to provide supported PHP 7.4 to you in order to maintain a secure operating environment. For that we’re working with external PHP experts.

ownCloud Enterprise customers have additional options and shall contact our support organisation. We will provide them with secure and maintained PHP 7.4 packages for most of your Linux distributions where the vendor is not providing PHP 7.4 support.
For community users we will provide a docker image with maintained PHP 7.4 free of charge.

ownCloud 10 Roadmap

The next version of ownCloud 10 will be 10.12 and is expected in the first quarter of 2023. Find an ongoing changelog is here: Server Changelog - ownCloud

This version will still rely on PHP 7.4. In the future we will reevaluate with each release and we might enterain a PHP 8.2 port together with all of you. Projects like Rector - Automated Way to Instantly Upgrade and Refactor any PHP code ( might be a good start for this path.


Our official docker Image is available here: owncloud/server - Docker Image | Docker Hub this will always include a maintained and secured PHP 7.4 version ready to run!

The following options are also available:

ownCloud Infinte Scale

We have just announced the general availability of ownCloud Infinite Scale. We believe that this is the future of secure content collaboration in a hybrid cloud:



Unfortunately, PHP 7.4 has reached EOL, therefore Owncloud must be made compatible with PHP 8+

Thank you.


Sorry, I’m not changing my server’s OS (FreeBSD) or installing a Docker. Transitioning to nextCloud.

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I was also facing this problem now its resolved. Thanks for this :grinning: