OwnCloud 10.12.2 for Debian 12 not support default PHP 8.2?

I just entered to owncloud webpage and i see there is package for Debian 12 so i am happy there is no special information about PHP just how to setup repo for Debian 12:
I just updated my server and setup new repo for D12 and… not working…
“This version of ownCloud is not compatible with PHP 8.0”

So there is repo and package for Debian 12 but not working ? so for what is that just for fun?
Good i have got a snapshot… but this is not funny.

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maybe it is for the users who runs Debian 12 but using a still supported / maintained PHP 7.4 version from https://deb.sury.org/?

But i hope the ownCloud people shed some light / give some insights on this decision (if they are seeing this question here).

I think they maybe should declare the owncloud-files package as compatible with PHP 7.x only?

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Sure maybe You got right, but default Debian 12 package is PHP 8.2 and there is completly no information about issue with default PHP… i was thinking OwnCloud for Debian 12 is PHP 8.2 ready.

The PHP version requirement is listed in the documentation.

Thankfully, the need for PHP 7.4 is easily fulfilled by the DEB.SURY.ORG repos as @tom42 shared.

The Debian that my ownCloud uses is still on version 11 due to no Oracle MySQL repo for Debian 12 yet. (That is tentatively coming in October.) I have been running the DEB.SURY.ORG repos long before I ever upgraded to to Debian 11. I use them as the standard source for PHP on Debian.

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more discussion with the ownCloud people about the current supported PHP versions are also available in e.g. the following pinned topic:

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