Server unreachable using the domain name from my LAN

Hi all, I install a fresh owncloud distribution using Docker in Ubuntu 20.04.6 LTS, my server is at home and I put it in a DMZ so is able to receive all the traffic, when I acces it using the local addres, I get the response:

When I try to access it using my domain I get this error:

But if I tried to access it for example from my cell phone connected outside my home, I’m received the response:

I set OWNCLOUD_TRUSTED_DOMAINS using the env file and looks good, I think is work due I can reach the server.

I can’t access the service using my domain when I’m connected to the same lan. Looks like a missed env variable; somebody could help me?


i think this looks more a networking issue rather then an ownCloud issue so i’m not sure if the ownCloud community is much of a help :-/

If no answer is given maybe a support forum with network specialists could provide more help?

I updated it from OwnCloud 9 and it was working well, the network configuration is the same, I think maybe is an apache conf, I was taking a look and I only see a lot of apache variables, maybe one of this is lost or not defined.

After updating from OwnCloud 9, everything was functioning smoothly. The network configuration remains unchanged. However, I suspect there might be an issue with the Apache configuration. Upon inspection, I noticed numerous Apache variables, leading me to believe that one of them may be missing or undefined.