LDAP users management

I have created an ldap connection with our Active Directory fine.
I could login with my account.
The email address received from ldap is not correct. So I changed the ldap attributes to correct this.
I then try to delete the ldap account, but I can not!
I try to manually update the email address for that account, but again I can not...
I try to run occ command ldap.... but I can not run any occ command...
Anyone know how this should be working?
Why it is not possible to delete an ldap account?

Thanks for your light on this.

It is possible by using occ. What do you mean with " I can not run any occ command"? Are you getting error messages? You will need to run it in order to do what you need to do ...

it always says could not open input file : occ whe using:
sudo -u www-data php occ ldap:show-remnants for example or any other

You need to either change into the directory where the occ file exists or pass the full path to it to your command.

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