LDAP users' password management



Steps to reproduce
1. Manage your users on your LDAP server with the Synology LDAP server
2. Log on oC with one of the LDAP users
3. Try to change the password in oC
4. Can't change the password in ownCloud

Server configuration
Operating system: Synology DSM 6.0.2

ownCloud version (see ownCloud admin page): 9.0.4

In fact, I'm just looking for a solution which helps me a lot : users have to log into the Synology DSM to change their password (Or just click on the "I forgot my password" link on the Synology DSM page).
It's not really usable for lambda users who don't want to access another service to manage their password ( especially with the presence of the field "change your password" directly Owncloud).

How could i change this behaviour ?

Thanks a lot!



you can't change the LDAP users password from within ownCloud. oC is just accessing your LDAP read-only as explained in:


But you can redirect your users to the password recovery page of your LDAP:


Hi RealRancor,

Thanks for your answer. However I don't think it can help me : when users are connected to oC, they can see the "password field".
And if they want to change their passwords, it's possible in oC (In appearance) but without any effect on the LDAP datas. i can't redirect the password change at anytime to the Synology reset password...

So, should I hide the password fields directly in the PHP file?

Thanks for your help :slight_smile: