LDAPS not working in Owncloud 9.1.4

i have an issue to get LDAPS working since we switched our infrastructure to ldaps

ldap_sasl_bind(SIMPLE): Can’t contact LDAP server (-1)

i forgot to tell you that my owncloud is in DMZ and the port 636 and 389 are open in the firewall
i didn’t find anything helpful in forums !!

please help !!

Thank you

Where are you getting this error message?

ownCloud 9.x is no longer supported, please upgrade.

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Thank you for your reply in fcat the version of my owncloud is 9.1.4 i thought that is support LDAPS i’am

how can i upgrade to the version 10 ?

Thank you


have you tried to have a look at the ownCloud documentation available at https://doc.owncloud.org ? I would expect that an answer how to upgrade should be available there.

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