Libre Graph API Backend Auth Token

I want to use the Libre Graph API for OCIS from within a Python backend tool. The authentication via OIDC and the available client libraries all seem to be targeted at frontend usage (web clients, etc.).

Is there a way to configure a persistent token than can be used for API access?

Any ideas? Thanks!

Currently there is no build in mechanism for that. One needs to go through oidc authentication to obtain an access token.

Do you use the buildin idp or an external one? If you use an external idp it may be possible to create a token directly in the idp and use that for authentication in ocis.

Thanks! I use the builtin IdP and my environment doesn’t really justify setting up a full-blown external IdP.

Is there any way to add a feature request for this use-case? I think it’s pretty common and it would really help to create bridges between OCIS and other systems.

Sure! Best way is to open a ticket in our github repo:
We do all our planing there.

Also, as a workaround for testing and development you could just enable basic auth (PROXY_ENABLE_BASIC_AUTH) and send the credentials on every request.

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Great, I will do so.

Thanks, I will try it.