Limit All Files at login

Hi, I've noticed that when logging in to Owncloud version 9.1.6, sometimes it can take along time to do so. I was wondering if this is potnetially because the default behaviour is to bring back a list of "All Files" which, in my case is hundreds. As such is there a way to limit the amount of "All Files" being returned at login to perhaps take the stress off the server.

I have noted spikes in the httpdprocess when logins happen on the server, albeit that I'm currently running this on MacOS 10.10.5 server with external LDAP (to Open Directory) authentication (which I do know isn't supported, but works okay!).

Ram usage generally sits around 7GB out of 16GB with about 2.3 MB in swap.

Processor usage normally idles around 7% during quiet times for the httpd process, but can spike to 50% / multiple httpd processes spiking to around 30% during heavy usage.

Many thanks, Scott

Hm, can you not move them into a folder in the rood directory? But good issue, please test with 10.0.x as well and if its consistend please file a feature request in github in core.

Not that I can see. The behaviour seems to be (as default) that any shared files and folders that a person has access too, are all shown after logging in. For myself it's almost 200 items (files & folders). I'll also look to put this in as a feature request into the github. Wasn't sure if there was perhaps just something that could be put into the core.php file.

I see. Yes, please test with 10.0.3 (Beta just released) and if the same behaviour occurs, please file a bug report with the request to maybe put some limits there for quicker login.