Limit smbclient processes?

Is there a way to limit smbclient processes? I setup ownCloud with an external storage to a 185GB samba share. I guess it is scanning all files and has been for almost 12 hours now. The computer is not real powerful dual 2.16Ghz 4GB RAM but I'm not in a hurry either.

Image of htop showing load average


Maybe you can try the recommended PHP module which is described in the documentation and not the smbclient?

Will give that a try, thanks. Should I look into putting a warning on the External Storage settings page? From the documentation it says php-smbclient is required. Could test for this module and not allow creation or put a warning like "php-smbclient is not installed, something something"

@dustinb I've opened to clarify the requirements. You can check the ticket info meanwhile.