Link directly to certain page in a shared PDF

Hi Forum,

I made a link to a shared PDF file according to the following pattern:

For some reason, that PDF file most often opens on some subsequent page, and not on page 1.

For PDF’s on the web with normal links according to the following pattern

…you can add a suffix to the URL like e.g.:

  • #nameddest=TableOfContents
  • #page=27

…so that the PDF directly opens at a certain page or at a certain named destination – after clicking on such a link.

Is there a similar possibility of directly linking to certain pages in a PDF also with the OwnCloud PDF Viewer?



i did the following search: and found an issue where a user asked the same some years ago.

Unfortunately it seems this issue was closed due to a request of the user but without any solution provided. :slightly_frowning_face:

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Thank you. So it seems that the feature is not available yet.


it looks to me like the same. Maybe you can tell the development team of ownCloud in that feature request your use case for this so that they can re-consider this feature?

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