Link to preview html files

Hi there.
I was using dropbox latelty, but I decided to make some changes in my life and... I installed ownCloud. Cutting to the chase. I upload / synhronize some files and one html. When I share it, I get a page with code of this html page. Is there a way to get the link to the file to make it displayable like when I open it from my local dir? I use it to preview graphic design for my clients so I need it working :slight_smile:


this "feature" was thoroughly discussed here: and mostly denied for security reasons:

Please note ownCloud is not a webserver. If you want to share .html files just use a default webserver and put the files there.

Sharing your HTML file for client preview in ownCloud is simple! Here’s the quick guide:

Public Link (Anyone can access):

  1. Find your HTML file in ownCloud.
  2. Right-click and choose “Share” or “Links” (depending on your ownCloud version).
  3. Select “Create public link”.
  4. Give the link a clear name and set options like password or expiry (if needed).
  5. Click “Save” and copy the provided link to share with clients.

Private Link (For specific ownCloud users):

  1. Locate your HTML file.
  2. Right-click and choose “Share” or “Links”.
  3. Select “Copy private link to clipboard”.
  4. Share this copied link only with your authorized clients who have ownCloud access.

Remember, for the HTML file to display properly, your ownCloud server might need some configuration (MIME types).