Link to reset password --> ACCESS DENIED

Version 10.7.0

Steps to reproduce

  1. The user click on “Wrong password? Do you want reset it”
  2. The user receive email with link for resetting the password
  3. Cliccking on it, he got error " Access denied"

Expected behaviour

Form with fields “new password” “confirm new password”

Actual behaviour

Access denied"

Have you tried for yourself? Can you reproduce that behavior?

I can’t.

Also please fill out the complete template, without it we don’t have enough information to help you effectively.

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Thank you.
I have noticed that the link for reset password by email brings to “access denied” if the user that has as username a email address.
If I create the user with a username not as email address but as simple string, it works fine .
Is it possible?

Are these users maybe guest users?

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No…they are users created by administrator.
Users with the same right and always created by admin, with username not email by normal string, got a working links to reset password.

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