Linking Owncloud to Moodle

Hi, I'm trying to link Owncloud to Moodle. I have installed the plugins on both sides, i.e. Moodle and Owncloud, but am totally lost as to what to do next.

If I login to my Owncloud instance, I am not able to see where I configure Owncloud to work with Moodle, and likewise from the Moodle side.

Any thoughts or ideas would be extremely welcome.

All the proper documentation is here:

Whilst on the whole I'd agree with you, it doesn't give you any clear direction as to what needs modifying in the various configuration files.

For example the instructions on Github:

Tell you to modify things, but not where you find it nor any examples that are clear and explicit. Example: Clients have to be registered in admin settings. Then comes /index.php/settings/admin? ...

What on earth is that? Where do I find that? the instructions are so fuzzy. Please can we have clear unambiguous instructions?

Hi, the instructions that you linked are very generic and rather developer-oriented. After all, OAuth 2 supports a multitude of application scenarios and the ownCloud app should achieve that (although they are probably not relevant for you).

Since you already installed the ownCloud plugin and the Moodle plugin, please have a look here for instructions on how to connect them: . I hope the (Moodle plugin's) instructions are sufficiently clear, otherwise we are keen to improve them!

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