Linux: Brand new stuff. Play with our testing client!

Our community works continuously to improve the ownCloud software. The client is an important part of it, it makes the syncing of files as easy as moving files on your own computer. The cloud becomes a part of your file system.

ownCloud always promised “file sync & share” – and the new ownCloud X version extended this by several new features, for example multiple link sharing. With the new 2.4 client you will be able to do this not only from the web interface, but from the client also.

Also the client is built upon new libraries, we ship it with Qt 5.6.2 now. This fixes a long list of known issues in older Qt versions that are default on many Linux distributions.

For all features, you can find the full changelog here.

This is a testing version, so we already give it to you, but we can’t promise that there are no bugs in it. But as all of you are clever people, you will be able to handle them – and send us bug reports if you encounter them, so we can fix it for the final release of the 2.4 client.

Your help is appreciated! Have fun with our new client and download it here.