Linux hidden folders and default sync files -- deleting


I have two different but related issues.

Linux server
Mac client

Issue 1 - hidden linux directories
on my owncloud server, I've ended up with several hidden directories. Their names all start with . (the dot)
These directories show up in the sync client under files to sync (I can check or uncheck them)
In the web interface, they don't show up.

Issue 2 - files on the server but are on the ignore list
on my server, I have several files files that are on the default ignore list (desktop.ini for example)
The client doesn't sync them down so I can delete them, but I have too many to go through and delete manually in the web client

In both cases, I want these to simply go away. Does anyone have any ideas?


Oh, don't ask how I ended up with this stuff in there. I've ran OC since the 5 days...Best I remember, I followed some doc to copy the files into the data directory and ran a rescan. But that has been a few years ago so I'm not sure...


in general please avoid mixing two different question / problems in one thread.

To answer your questions:

  1. Showing hidden files / folders needs to be enabled:

  1. You can edit the ignored files to sync them down and delete them afterwards:

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Thank you for the information.

Sorry about the single post.