Linux Mint 18 Cinnamon login and owncloud client

I am using Owncloud on Linux Mint. The issue I have is that the autostarted Owncloud client always steals the focus from the keyring window where I have to type my login password which requires me an additional mouse click to focus on the window. Is there any way to configure the upstart process so that the owncloud client is minimized by default at startup, so the window does not steal the focus of my login dialogue pending my password?

Maybe a search on the bugtracker [1] could lead you to some infos. If not please create a new issue there.


I am experiencing the same misbehaviour as bluntzli.

anon81984126: excuse my asking, but where is the solution on the linked page that your answer points to?

If I click the link, it opens the page and highlights every occurrence of the word "cinnamon" on that page, that's all.