Linux packages - several independent deployments?


I am using Linux packages on a Centos 7 server for my owncloud deployment. I chose this option over the tarball in order to easily stay up to date with the latest bug fixes.

Anyway, I need to setup several completely separated owncloud deployments on one box for different projects. Now I wonder, if and how this is possible using Linux packages install. Yum directly installs all files into /var/www/html/owncloud and in there is the config.php file where you have to hard code the deployment details (DB, DB password, theme, etc.). So I see no option to have several deployments using the same install, right?

I would have to make copies of /var/www/html/owncloud and adjust the config.php file each time and keep the copies up to date manually. No way to symbolically link to /var/www/html/owncloud, right?

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I have very limited knowledge about centos but it seems you would like to have the comfort of the package installation with the versatility of manual tar ball installation.

You need to use containers or virtual machines to have “completely separated owncloud deployments on one box”… in theory you could download the rpms manually and install them in a different --root directory. but this is a very insecure and ill-advised way to do things in 2018.

Since ownCloud provides an updater you could be up2date with the tarball as well, it’s not black magic at all :slight_smile:

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