Listen to \OC\Filesystem's read signal via Util::connectHook

Hey there, again :wink:

I try to listen to file reads by connecting via the method described in the post title, inspired by how Joas Schilling did it in his files_downloadactivity app:


public function __construct(array $urlParams = array()) {
    parent::__construct('hyperlog', $urlParams);

    $container = $this->getContainer();

private function registerHooks() {
    // read-hook (for logging downloads)
    Util::connectHook('OC_Filesystem', 'read', $this, 'listenReadFile');

public function listenReadFile($params) {
    /** @var Listener $hooks */
    $hooks = $this->getContainer()->query(Listener::class);


namespace OCA\HyperLog\Activity;

use OCA\HyperLog\Service\LogService;
use OCP\Files\IRootFolder;
use OCP\IRequest;
use OCP\IUser;

class Listener {
    protected $rootFolder;
    protected $request;
    protected $user;
    protected $logService;

    public function __construct(IRootFolder $rootFolder, IRequest $request, IUser $user, LogService $logService) {
        $this->rootFolder = $rootFolder;
        $this->request = $request;
        $this->user = $user;
        $this->logService = $logService;

        $this->logService->log('Listener instantiated');

    public function readFile($path) {
        $this->logService->log(sprintf('File %s read', $path));

Nothing is being logged and Listener doesn't seem to get instantiated. Am I missing something? I thought instantiation would happen automatically.

Any help appreciated.

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Hi again, It is a nextcloud app and as far as I know, ownCloud has not any hook or event for reading a file. Maybe you can open an issue about this or better create a pull request for that purpose in Github.

By the way, did u try the storage wrapper idea?

Hey there,

yes, I did try the storage wrapper idea but it turned out to be not so easy as i thought first. So far it works only for thumbnails displayed in the web UI. Maybe it has something to do with the following error message that appears in my owncloud.log:

Storage wrapper 'LogWrapper' was not registered via the 'OC_Filesystem - preSetup' hook which could cause potential problems.

Having taken a quick look into owncloud/core I thought OC_Filesystem would emit that signal so I could hook in there:

Storage wrapper should work theoratically, whatever :slight_smile: Seems like you are right about read signals. I found before and after read event in here . You can listen this event to achieve your purpose. Your listener should something like that You will listen "file.beforeread" and "file.afterread" events, these events are supplying path as an argument.

Hey karakayasemi,

your StorageWrapper idea works indeed! :blush:
I mistakenly constrained the file access events to be logged to 'r' mode… turned out downloaded files are opened in 'rb' mode. So that's it, I guess.

Thank you very much for that!

Glad to hear that :slight_smile: