Location of non-expired code signing key for owncloud 10 source zip package

Where can I get the signing key for info at owncloud com?
If I download it from a server I know, the Ubuntu keyserver, specifically, the key that I end up with is expired by a year.
I downloaded the owncloud 10 server source and it’s accompanying ASC file from the Owncloud website found by going to the top of the site then click Resources, the click Download Server, and then scroll down to owncloud 10 source packages.
When I attempt to verify the ASC file, I don’t have the key, so I download it from Ubuntu but it’s expired as of Dec 14, 2022 although it was used to sign the owncloud package on Nov 21, 2023.

Sorry for the terse formatting but the forum will not seem to let me post any URLs or anything that it thinks is a link.

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