Lock Files problem persists

I shall like to question

  1. What is lock file status in owncloud and how to prevent it for happening?

  2. I tried to remove lock file message by putting Maintainence Mode = True , and then deleting key =1 from oc_files_locked , still i am receiving message in my owncloud desktop client about file locks though I think some of the files has gone.

I recently did an upgrade and found that my cron script was not running (after a user reported a file was locked). This is from version 10.0.2 to 10.0.3. You can manually run the cron.php if you have CLI access. Try:

sudo -u www-data /usr/bin/php -f /path/to/your/owncloud/cron.php

and see if that will clear the locking issue for you. You can also check the status of your cron jobs and how they are configured in the administration console > General and scroll to the bottom.

How can we sure that the cron job is running on a shared host?
Hosting: infomaniak.com
I dont know if there is a solution to have CLI access to oc command.
Thank you.