Locking down ShellIconOverlayIdentifiers

This isn’t strictly a OwnCloud-issue as it’s a Windows-function that OwnCloud use backend.

Expected behaviour

Overlay Icons staying indicating status on Files & Folders.

Actual behaviour

OwnClouds icon get pushed off by other apps in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Explorer \ ShellIconOverlayIdentifiers and as such the Indicators for folder-status disappears

Steps to reproduce

  1. Update / Install any other app that wants to use ShellIconOverlayIdentifiers such as OneDrive, Drop-box etc. (OneDrive has gone over to it’s own Status field now tho).

Operating system: Win10

Has anyone found an actual solution for this? You can fix it manually, but as soon as an update is done the icon’s go away due to priorities in the registry changing, some vendors have added blankspaces to make sure they get put first.

My thoughts: A startup-script that removes the Registry-keys and add them back in with the correct order, putting OwnCloud as top. But this isn’t a very clean fix.
Has anyone had any luck finding a permanent solution for this?

Kind Regards,

Please try VFS tech preview in 2.6.0 ion Win. It no longer uses overlay icons, but Win-native status columns instaed. I want to get rid of the overlay-icon crazyness…


Hi Michael,

Thank you for your reply.
Yeah that looks like it’ll get rid of the headache for me.
Will take a look at it.