Log 404 OC desktop client avatar issue

Hi to all, i think i have an issue mentioned in this link Error webdav avatar i have OC version 10.9.1 and desktop client 2.10.1 if a user with a default avatar like the first name’s capital letter connect to the server i receive a lot of 404 like this

"GET /owncloud/remote.php/dav/avatars/<user>.<name>/128.png HTTP/1.1" 404

you can see the http error 404 like mentioned in the forum i pasted before.
Instead if i connect to OC server with the same desktop client version with a user that has an image charged (jpg or png) the log is:

 "GET /owncloud/remote.php/dav/avatars/<user>.<name>/128.png HTTP/1.1" 200

how can i solve thi problem? thanks in advance

Is there a reason you can’t just ignore these messages? Perhaps you could filter them out?


That seems normal behavior. The desktop tries to get the user avatar, but he doesn’t have one, that’s why the server responds with a 404. For the web, the behavior is the same: the server returns a 404, however, the web uses a default avatar if none is found.


Thanks @eneubauer and @jvillafanez for your response! it’s an annoyng error but we can ignore it and scrubbing it from our log’s collector. Thanks again.

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I had the same issue causing banishment of the client IP address which was the source of the 404 error.
I have an aggressive fail2ban banishing policy which will ban IP address based on 404 (among other) errors.

In my opinion, default configuration, in this case default user avatar, should not cause 404 error.

I solved my problem by adding an ignoreregex to the filter monitoring the 404 errors.

Thanks @mimidatabase i’ll try to put a similar workaround in my log harvester.

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