Logfile showing 110Gigs, would like to delete it

Hi all,

Just updated to owncloud server

Just noticed that the logfile in the settings section is showing up as a 110GIG file.
I do have it setup as "Errors & Fatal Issues" Logging.

How can I clear this logfile clean?


You can remove / empty it as any other file, although you might want to conserve the last entries. I'd recommend to set the ownCloud server to maintenance mode to prevent problems while the file is being deleted.

In any case, you should check what is causing so many errors.

Also you could check out ownClouds documentation on logging settings.

Especially log_rotate

In case your server runs without errors but you want to keep the log file size to a minimum - this is a good option for you.

On the other hand, what @jvillafanez said

is true.

Sometimes it's just a warning of a miss configuration that doesn't influence the ability for ownCloud to work, but could cause trouble later. But that's just my thought on the matter.

Hi all

Thanks for your response.

I don't really have any errors, this is a really stable setup for the last 6 years, just go through each core update every time a new version come out. I am really sure that the log is this server's lifetime culmination in one file.