Login form problem with Chrome and Edge

Dear team,
Here is the problem,
The login form works fine in Firefox, but not in any other browser.
In firefox I type the username and password hit enter and I am in the admin.
But with any other browser, I type the username and password hit enter but nothing happens.
I looked around and found the following.
This is the thing I found in Chrome

value is disabled

then there is this error in red
Failed to load resource: net::ERR_HTTP2_PROTOCOL_ERROR
The same with Edge.

But see the thing in Firexfox

You can see that the value is clear only “”.
without the error

Something else to mention:
in Setting->general I have this notification security and setups warning:
You are accessing this site via HTTP. We strongly suggest you configure your server to require using HTTPS instead as described in our security tips.
Although the link is https, (https://intranet.sv-herschfeld.de/) in chrome and edge I have the greenlock (https ok) but in Firefox I have the black lock with a red bar (connection not secure).
OC version (minimal core)
I am using a shared hosting
server apache
php 7.3.18

this is the error


i did a short search on this error on google and found this problem report to the Google Chrome Help page:


It looks to me that this is an issue in Chrome (and probably in Edge as well) out of the control of ownCloud.

Do you have any idea about the following?

My site is using lets’ encrypt certificate. as you can see the link is in https, but i get that warning saying I am accessing the site via http!
Thank you


i think you’re getting this message because you’re using the http:// link in Firefox. If you only want to use https:// then i think you could configure your web server to redirect from http:// to https://:


I disactivated the ssl on the subdomain, now it works fine on firefox and Edge. Chrome refused to let me go on because it said that is unsecure connection:)
I am using a subdomaine, intranet.mydomain.de, do you thin that if i use a simple folder mydomain.de/intranet is better?
I think that the problem is dealing with SSL/https.
is there anything i can do in the .htaccess in the OC to fix the thing!

With the URL https://intranet.sv-herschfeld.de/ you provided I see you are not using the letsencrypt cert but a cert for the domain cluster028.hosting.ovh.net, you should fix this in your webserver conf.

I’d strongly recommend NOT TO RUN ON PLAIN HTTP.

Changing intranet.mydomain.de to mydomain.de/intranet would not have any effect

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i think the SSL configuration needs to be fixed on the web server level because ownCloud doesn’t have any control over this.

Maybe e.g. https://www.ssllabs.com/ssltest/analyze.html?d=intranet.sv-herschfeld.de can help fixing the SSL misconfiguration

As strange as it may seem!
All is fixed by a small change!
I am using ovh, in the .ovhconfig file, I changed the app.engine=php to app.engine=phpcgi
now all is working on all browsers and even mobile!
I checked all my sites and sub-sites! all is working fine!
I am not an expert! but do you think this is usual!

This looks like expected behavior.

Owncloud requires apache prefork: https://doc.owncloud.org/server/10.5/admin_manual/installation/manual_installation.html#multi-processing-module-mpm

Your provider has documented their php engines at https://docs.ovh.com/gb/en/hosting/hosting_how_to_configure_php_from_your_customer_account/#modify-version

So you was correct disabling php-fpm in your config.

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