Looking for someone to hire to make custom builds

of the desktop clients for all 3 platforms. Literally a logo and some string changes.

I'm so grateful for open source, that this is even possible for an out of the box cloud solution that can be part of my product almost imidietally.

I look forward to expressing my grattitude to owncload and everyone who contributed to it.

Thanks for any help.

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Hi makeshyft-tom-g,
Are you looking for Desktop Client? If Yes, then contact me at jantazone@yahoo.com


A branding of the desktop clients needs to be done for every new version
1. branding / adjustments for new version
2. build / compile client for several linux, mac and win
3. publish your code changes

Thats quite some effort.


to clarify....

i don't need to do every new version just if we need to upgrade it.
i''ll upload the code to githuib by the click of a button

so I guess its changing logo and some strings .... and making builds.

Are you replying cuz you are interested and the first thing you say is that its gonna be hard? or what?

thanks jantazone i will email you

There is a branding offer to make this easy for you, while you can brand this yourself of course.
Just want to share experience about the effort as I underestimated this myself.

Happy to see @jantazone helping with branding!!

Felix, what branding offer are you speaking of? Jetazone reply or your own? or is there something I am missing? Thanks for your effort to help

ownCloud Company offers:

thanks for that.. makes my life a lot easier indeed.

Hi makeshyft-tom-g,
If you are using enterprise edition then you can use branding of owncloud. It is simple to use.
But, If you are using community (free version) then above option is not available yet. So in that case I can help you.


Hi there, oh I was not aware that the branding is only for enterprise.... thanks for being on top of this.

I am indeed using community...... lets talk. I emailed you but haven't heard back...can you PM me the cost of doing this and the amount of time you think it would take?....our cloud release is scheduled for june next year. my email is tom at makeshyft dot com