Looking for starting point / app development / add to context menu

Hi there,

I've recently installed OC and am starting to dabble with app development to add a few specific features. What I'd like to start with is adding entries to the file and folder context menus in the web UI that trigger actions in my app. I'm a somewhat experienced PHP + JS developer and looking for a good starting point for my reading on that. It seems the tutorials I found all focus on independent apps that don't integrate with existing menus (unless I missed something entirely). So I'd be glad if you could point to a good reading resource - the source code of a simple app that does something similar would be quite okay too. Thanks in advance!

If your intention is to add file actions, I suggest you have a look at how existing apps do it: https://github.com/owncloud/files_texteditor/blob/master/js/editor.js#L261

Thank you @PVince81, that's exactly what I was looking for. Guess I couldn't see the forest for all the trees :slight_smile: