Loss of integrated share o/s functionality on MacOs update

Expected behaviour

I updated from an earlier version of MacOS (10.10 I think) to Sierra. I am using NextCloud 2.2 desktop client (says it is up to date). When I installed desktop client into previous O/S version, it worked as expected, especially being able to share via right click.

Actual behaviour

After o/s update, I have lost all o/s specific functionality. I cannot share (or at least I cannot share via right click; there is no NextCloud share option as before). The integration with the sidebar and search was also lost but I manually added them via preferences. Im not sure if there is a bug or if I just do not know how to "re-enable" sharing but Ive searched the FAQ, the internet and all the settings options in the desktop client and system prefs and not been able to find it.


Steps to reproduce

Client configuration

Client version:

Operating system: MacOS 10.12.4

OS language: Mac

Installation path of client: /Applications/nextcloud.app

Please ask the folks at Forkcloud.com for help. This is the ownCloud forum