Lost data from my Cloud but still have references on IPad app

Hello dear OwnCloud users,
I've been looking for a solution for days.

The following preface:
In My OwnCloud many folders or files are lost. ( i backups because I was in action to build a NAS.)
So, on the app on my IPad I can see all files, now I don't log me in the Internet with the iPad App, because otherwise the references are also gone.
Between 1 st and 15th May I had all the files still.
At the end of May, I forgot my PW and the account was re-established.
So in Trash my files are unfortunately lost in the old still in the new account.
Do anybody have an solution for me?
I have tried on my Linux to restore deleted files, because I had the folders on my desktop. Unfortunately, every attempt was in vain. :frowning:

Above all, the ordered images were 10 years and all my study files.

I hope for help

Friendly greeting


is it linux or windows that you have as OS?
Do you see the files on the server?
Tried to connect ur ipad to the pc and see if the files are there?
the files arent stored on the phone unless you downloaded them to ur phone when you had access to them. owncloud app just fetches what the owncloud has to offer on that user.
If you dont have a backup other then owncloud then when you re-establiched the account all the files was overwritten with ownclounds default stuff.
If you had recoverd changed ur password you would have prob been fine. If you still can see the files on the OS but there are in the wrong folder or is owned by the wrong person that is easly fixed. if you dont have a backup of ur files and they are on linux im afraid you need to send it in to a recovery firm to try and recover it.

I look forward to hearing more from you so we can help you try and solve this issue :slight_smile:

Hello morno! Thx for response and your informations,

I had my files only on Owncloud. Can not explain why these are lost.

Somehow I had to reset my password or my account was reset (by the admin), but the data was already lost before.
I had Owncloud on my IPad and here I had a long time no connection with the Internet. So I can see the files. But as soon as I log in again, this data informations will , of course, overwritten. Connecting my IPad to my Ubuntu PC was not successful. I had only a few files from the owncloud downloaded (on my IPad).
Since I had my files somewhere on my Ubuntu, I tried using console applications to restore them - failure.

These files seem to be off to your / so the files I can see on my ipad.