Lost data (no connection to encrypted data via desktop or webclient)


I am a very disappointed webgo.de user.

I setup owncloud at webgo and enabled server-side encryption.

Cause of a data loss on their end I guess the rolled back the SQL database for me too. What means I have lost connection to several files which were created within a two days time slot. On the FTP side I can still see them, but the are useless after downloading. I dont know how it works, but I guess since they rolled back the database also my local files got deleted and were nowhere to found, also not in the trash bin.

how can I get access to these files again?

thanks for your help


did you read the documentation before enabling encryption?

@dmitry: no… thanks for that hint. I guess it is mostly like this: afterwards we are smarter :stuck_out_tongue:

but I also didnt expect my hoster to roll back the SQL database what led to a two days gap between the database and the stored files.

So, any idea how i can reconnect the files with the database and and decrypt them properly again?