Mac/Docker - what is the path to my external drive?

I’m trying to add an external drive as additional storage. I’m getting the red square after adding the drive.

Here’s what I put in as the path:


I’m running ownCloud via docker on a mac mini running Sierra. What should I put in as the path so that ownCloud finds the drive?


Anyone? Please help if you can. Thanks.

You have some fundamental misunderstanding about how docker works. I’m not even sure how this would work on Linux with docker let alone on Mac.

Docker containers use volumes to save their data. You can configure your docker daemon to save the volumes in a specific path. I’m not sure if it is possible to have one volume in another path than all the others. Perhaps you could do some fuse mount or symlink magic? However no clue how performant or idiosyncratic this idea really is without investing more time to investigate.

Read up on docker and volumes on Mac, not an ownCloud problem.

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Thanks so much. This was actually very helpful. I got it working with just the internal drive, but increased the size of the internal disk drive on the machine so I’m good to go.

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