Mac OS 10.13.6 and server 8.2.2 - which is the right client?

Folks, my company has an old version and for some reason they can’t update, don’t ask why…

So, I need to install a client that works on my Mac. As there seems to be no overview like “this server needs that client” or so I downloaded a 2.5 and a 2.4 pkg. I start the installer, standard settings, I let it finish. Then I launch the app and get a message that this does not work with old server. The Info the app tells me it’s 2.6.1 - I installed 2.4. How can that be? And how can I make this work?

Warning was introduced with 2.5:

So, 2.4.3 should work:

Maybe you’ll need to remove the newer versions first. Migration from new version to old version isn’t supported.

Here you can find more old downloads:

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Thanks. I could finally remove the owncloud app (“extensions in use”, needed to be killed using the Activity Monitor). I installed 2.4.3, launch it… and it crashes immediately. I guess this one is so old it does not work on Mac OS 10.13.6.