macOS build of the client doesn't use the native UI elements

Hi there,

I compiled the ownCloud client for macOS but the styling seems off. At the top of the attached image you'll find a screenshot of my build and at the bottom you'll find the ownCloud build I downloaded directly from the website. How do I enable the macOS native (Aqua) styling when compiling the client?

Software used:

  • Xcode 9.2
  • QT 5.10.1
  • ownCloud 2.4.1

Thanks in advance!

Possible answer:

new Qt 5.10 don't ship with the different native styles
You need to add/activate it separately

Thanks! I'll compile it with 5.9.5 and see what happens.

We build our 2.4.1 version with Qt 5.6.2
If he builds with Qt 5.10, the macOS style is no longer included

This was the response from the engineer. You may have to try 5.6.2

Works great with 5.9.5!

Great to hear that :slight_smile: