MacOs desktop client 2.3.1 rc1 not connect to the server



I can not connect to my owncloud 10.0.2 server
Get the following error when trying to connect to the server

You do not have permission to access /owncloud/status.php on this server.

To what can this be.

The client for iPhone if that connects without greater incantiiente to the servant.

MacOS 10.12.3
CentOS Server 7
Php 7.1.3

Cliente owncloud 2.3.0 MacOS no conecta al servidor


there is no ownCloud 10.0.2. The latest ownCloud version released is currently 9.1.4.


Seems to be the alpha-version of NC 10 (

@guruz any problems known with the OC 2.3.x client and NC 10 alpha


Don't know, we only tested the ownCloud client with the matching ownCloud servers.


Sorry, I meant the OC 10 alpha: