Mails are not sent to when the documents are shared

Hi Team,

Mine owncloud version is 10.13.2 and not sure if the same is question was asked before. I installed OCC on ubuntu 22.04 and everything works fine. Even I setup the SMTP setup and test emails are going out fine. However I have one issue; whenever files are shared with someone the other party I believe should receive an email that certain document is shared. Is that feature available?
If so do I activate it? Mine is not working for sure.

The same is working when document is shared over the public link.

Can you please suggest?

Blason R

Make sure that the receiver has the correct notification setting plus a valid e-mail address.


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That settings is already configured but still no emails are being received once the file is shared.

Another possible cause is:


If you automatically accept shares, no e-mail is sent.


Hmmm - I see that could be the reason let me try doing that.
Thanks for the info though.


i think for mails to be sent out reliable a cron needs to be configured as well.

From what i know each user can also configure if / when mails should be received:

@tom42 This settings are from the Activity app. But sharing notifications are also working without an app.

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