Maintenance Mode

I'm currently getting the maintenance mode message after upgrading. I do not have access to the console because my owncloud installation is on my 1&1 hosting. I've searched the forums and every topic I've found n the subject uses the console to fix the issue. Is there any way to fix it without access to the console? I have access to the server side files, but I don't think I have console access.


As a hacky and "do not do it if possible" option, open the config.php file (usually in owncloud/config/config.php) and remove the 'maintenance' => true, option there (or set it as false).

Obviously, make sure the upgrade finished correctly and there isn't anything related to ownCloud being executed before doing this.

I'll give that a shot. I'm trying to see if I can get console access right now. If not that may be my only option.

That did the trick! Thanks