Make FAQ threads more prominent?


i've just stumbled over the following tag:

On the first look it seems the tag is just filled with some "About" threads about various categories and only if you scroll few pages down you will notice that there seems to be many interesting FAQ threads hidden there.

Furthermore it looks to me like most of the FAQ threads are hidden within an "Other" category.

To me it looks like both is quite suboptimal and i think there is a lot of room for improvement by e.g. moving the FAQ threads into an own category.

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You're right. It seems like wasted potential.

So your suggestion is to "retag" the posts from "other" to faq? Or create a faq caterory?

Mhhh, i'm not sure but personally i would expect FAQ threads within a FAQ category found on the index and not hidden somewhere within a tag.


Ah, sorry for the misunderstanding. I was thinking more or less about a category like:

Hi, you mean basically all of the FAQ-tagged posts which are in the "Other"-category, right? The ones by me have another purpose, and maybe should not have been assigned with the FAQ-tag.

Unfortunately it is not very easy to move topics to other categorys in bulk.... requires some fiddling with the discourse database


many thanks to @dmitry doing the work and moving the mentioned threads in a shiny new “FAQ” category: