Malware complaint by Godaddy

I received an email from Godaddy, which handles the hosting account for my owncloud. It states:

We’re writing to let you know that we recently completed a routine security checkup of all our servers and platforms. Our scans flagged your [my hosting account] hosting account as containing known malware. Due to the negative impact to our systems, we've removed the following malware from your files:


Unfortunately, our scans also flagged other content that could be malicious, but due to the nature and usage of these files, we did not remove them as this should be reviewed by a website administrator first. We recommend you log in to your hosting account to review the following content and remove if necessary:



Has anyone else run into this? Should I be concerned?


please contact the support of Godaddy about this issue. They might be able to tell you what they are checking and why those files where flagged as malware.