Manage userfiles path at user creation


as far as i know owncloud uses /var/www/html/owncloud/data as default filepath.

Is there any way to change the directory per user?


UserA can only see and use /mnt/filesUserA

UserB can only see and use /mnt/filesUserB

UserZ can only see and use /someothercrazyfolder

I already have directories from samba (same server), which include the folders “Documents”,“Music”,“Other” so I want to point every User to his own samba directory

You can change the owncloud’s data directory to a different location ("/mnt", for example), but I don’t think that changing the home directory per user is officially supported. It might cause problems in some parts of ownCloud.

In theory, you can configure an external SMB storage through ownCloud which could use the ownCloud’s credentials per user to connect to the SMB storage. It has some limitations, but I think it’s a better idea. The users will still have access to the local storage

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