Many Conflicts, Single User

Steps to reproduce
1. Don't know how to reproduce. Seems to be related to Texpad LaTeX->PDF compilation

Expected behaviour
As I am the only user of the repository, I expect to have no conflict problem

Actual behaviour
From time to time, I can reach 20 conflicts per day (while editing a file)

Client configuration
Client version:
Version 2.2.4 (build 3709).

Client operating system:
macOS Sierra 10.12

Server configuration
Web server:


your webspace is running an outdated and unsupported version of ownCloud. You can see this if appending "status.php" at the posted url which shows:


For such an outdated version no support can be given here.

If this is your own webspace please upgrade to e.g. 9.0.5.

If this is a hosted webspace please contact the operator and tell them to upgrade this instance.