Mapping LDAP groups via OIDC

Owncloud 10.10. I’m trying to configure Active Directory user authentication via an OpenID connection. If the first login is via LDAP, then an ownCloud account is created with an associated Active Directory group. But if the first login is via OIDC, then the new account does not receive an Active Directory group of which the user is a member. How to link Active Directory groups to Owncloud via OIDC?
My OIDC config:
‘openid-connect’ =>
array (
‘provider-url’ => ‘myidp/realm’,
‘client-id’ => ‘OwnCloud’,
‘client-secret’ => ‘pass’,
‘loginButtonName’ => ‘OpenID’,
‘autoRedirectOnLoginPage’ => false,
‘post_logout_redirect_uri’ => ‘myowncloudurl’,
‘auto-provision’ => [
‘enabled’ => true,
‘email-claim’ => ‘email’,
‘display-name-claim’ => ‘name’,
‘mode’ => ‘email’,

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